1) For the Fortunate People campaign we don’t have figures overall but we uploaded 15 videos ourselves.

2) A google form was promoted and used by the devotees to log their extra rounds. Devotees could log their rounds under their temple and a bit of a transcendental competition started to see which temple could get more rounds chanted. Overall 1267 extra rounds were logged. Below is the graph. You will notice that some devotees logged rounds for more than one temple, some people preferred not to affiliate themselves to any temple so they put “Home”.

3) Seven devotees sent in recordings of their home kirtan and we played these kirtans before the start of class every evening, on the facebook page.

4) Despite the covid19 restrictions here in SA, which have been quite severe, the devotees went out on Harinama in:

  • Stellenbosch Cape Town,
  • Midrand Gauteng,
  • Sandton Gauteng
  • Johannesburg CBD Gauteng
  • Durban.

The total number of Harinamas done in South Africa over the seven days is 5 Harinamas based on feedback received from temple presidents and namahatta leaders.

5) Class and kirtan programs were held every evening from 18:30 – 20:00 on our SA facebook page, starting with the playing of a kirtan recording and then having a live class and then having kirtan after the class. The disciples of Srila Prabhupada that kindly enlightened us with their talks and graced us with their kirtans were:

  • HH Giriraja Swami,
  • HG Mother Dinatarini,
  • HG Partha Prabhu and HG Mother Uttama,
  • HH Bhakti Caitanya Swami,
  • HG Nanda Kumar prabhu,
  • HG Mother Jagatam and
  • HH Kadamba Kanana Swami (JAS)

Attendance was between 20 and 60 people during the live events and after that, over a couple of days, some hundreds of people viewed the videos online.

Extra programs that were done in South Africa were as follows:

  • Home kirtans done in Cape Town
  • Daily temple kirtans in Cape Town
  • Durban held their own evening online program daily and had 9 lectures and 18 kirtans, (2 hours each day) over the seven days.



Herein contains a report detailing the celebration of the World Holy Name Festival on behalf and ISKCON Durban SA. We are pleased to inform the members and committee that, with the support of devotees from around South Africa the World Holy Name Festival has been celebrated over the course of the dedicated seven days (17/09 – 23/09). An online medium of Facebook was utilised to conduct the program in its entirety.

Program detail:
A) Lecture by senior devotees. (9 LECTURES)
B) Kirtan by various devotee groups, youth groups and individuals. (18 KIRTANS)
D) Fortunate people initiative. (NO OFFICIAL COUNT)

Lectures by senior devotees began the program spanning a duration of an hour each day, the kirtan mela saw a duration of two hours each day where some days extended to an hour extra of kirtan. This initiative was supported by ISCKON DURBAN SA which allowed us the platform to broadcast live on ISKCON Durban’s Facebook together with the World Holy Name Festival Durban SA page.