We started the World Holy Name Festival celebration since the beginning of September. Daily we went out in small group with one local devotee. We performed sankirtana and went door to door requesting the people to chant Hare Krsna maha-mantra while we made a video. We have made more than 100 videos. Would like to share one experience, one day as we were going for sankirtana the local devotee had some fever and he was weak but still he accompanied us. As we all were dancing and singing he started feeling better and slowly he also joined us. His fever ran away by the powerful and holy sankirtana.

We all had taken sankalpa to chant more than 64 rounds in the week and we could do that by mercy of our Gurudev. Daily we performed sankirtana for 3 hours in morning and 3 hours in evening. We heard the morning Bhagavatam class for 7 days online and also attended the evening sravanam program. We had requested the devotees we knew to make videos of people chanting the hare krsna maha-mantra and send back to thus we collected 650 videos in 7 days. Many devotees had taken sankalpa of writing Hare Krsna maha-mantra writing for 108 times and also accomplished that.

On Day 1 we had a grand sankirtana celebrating the opening of World Holy name week festival. The devotees of Sawantvadi also joined us. We donated Rs 5000 Rs/ for WHNF celebration. Other days also daily we went for sankirtana and inspired people to chant the holy name also attended house programs. Making videos was a great experience some people would readily agree as they thought they would come on television. Some people were impressed as we total them we were making videos for world peace and so that Corona moves goes away.

Evening the sravanam program on The glories og holy name were very inspiring and helped us in improving the quality of our japa.