Everyday morning Japa for two hours from 5am to 7 am EST
1) Holy Names by Srila Prabhupada in morning Bhagavatam class for 30-45 minutes, every day
2) Every day evening sri Harinama Cintamani book reading for half an hour from 8 pm for two weeks
3) Sankiran event was highly successful on Saturday, 19th September, 2020 from 6-8 pm EST
4) There was a nice lecture from HG Adi Gadadara Prabhu from Atlanta on 5Ws and One H




Sri Sri Radha-Krsna, Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai, Srila Prabhupada, and all their devotees, the Houston yatra chanted at least 9,422 rounds of Hare Krsna Maha mantra for the World holy name week.



World Holy Name week activities for ISKCON of BERGEN in New Jersey, USA.

1) Japathon: Total of 1,356 Japa Rounds Chanted daily.
2) Harinam: On 19th of September a Harinam was conducted at a Local Park.
3) Daily Srimad Bhagavatam Katha
4) Daily Kirtan recordings



1) Srimad Bhagavatam verses on power of the holy name every day of the whnf. We had many participants even though some of it fell on woke week. So many people shared their realizations on the verses. This was a good turn out overall.
2) We had downtown inner harbor kirtan held on Saturday to attract more people. One thing we noticed is that so many foreigners wanted to dance to the Kirtan and it was a beautiful experience to see that. I personally thought some of them to speak the mantra.
3) Japa every morning from 5-7am. Such a good turn out here as well. Som many people used to join this during the whnf. Again a very good turn out.
4) We also had congregation chanting held on Sunday feast program. So many new people chanted the mantra. All together, we fulfilled 108 rounds on that day. I am underestimating this but it was more than that in the temple in front of the deities.
5) I was able to upload around 75 video of people chanting the mantra on the fortunate app. I am not counting the ones that were recently done. Those 75 videos were exclusively during the festival.
6) We have decided to implement more programs and plan early to attract new people for the 125th anniversary.