ISKCON Udhampur will be organising following events to celebrate world holy name week 2020.

1. 12 hours Akhand Kirtan on 17/9.
2. HH. Navayogendra Swami Maharaj will be taking classes for temple devotees as well as worldwide devotees online on holy name from 18/9 to 23/9.
3. ISKCON UDHAMPUR Gurukul students will actively participate in holy name week via kirtans and increasing their Japa rounds.
4. Morning SB classes during holy name week will be especially on importance of holy name.
5. Congregation members will go to their relatives, friends and other unknown members and made them chant the HK mahamantra.
6. Japa seminar for temple devotees, Gurukul boys and congregation members will be conducted by senior devotees.
7. Devotees will be chanting extra rounds min 64 during this week.
8. HH Navayogendra Swami Maharaj and few senior devotees will be conducting whole night Japa sessions for this event.