1) Distributed 5 Bhagavatam Set.
2) Distributed 50 Vraja Mandal Darsana PARIKRAMA book and we are going to start reading from 24/09/2020 & book reading session will be taken by HG Madan Govind prabhuji.
3) 300 plus factory workers who are illiterate and we made them chant one mantra and sent the same on fortunate people site.
4) Many muslims also chanted the mantra and uploaded 350 videos and trying for more.
5) Given 111000/- laxmi as sewa for harinam prabhu to iskcon pandarpur.
6) Devotees doing 28 rounds daily and today being the last day will do 64 rounds.
7) Bhagavatam Class on every Saturday.
8) Reading BHAGWATAM and CC.