1) FORTUNATE PEOPLEĀ  CAMPAIGN: Initially we have take the target of 100 new people to chant Mahamantra but we haveĀ  started door to door campaign which result in to getting 921 chants….
2) PADAYATRA : We have arranged Padayatra with due precautions of covid along with Jagannath deities in “Sagoda” village which is about 9 km away from Sonala. There by means of Padayatra around 2000 people chant the holyname in different squares (Chauk).
3) NAGAR SANKIRTAN : we have performed Nagar sankirtan in a Jungle village “Pimparkhed ” .where many adivasi (tribal communities) join the sankirtan and around 500 people chant the Mahamantra.
4) JAPATHON : On Sept. 23 all our sonala Congregation chant totally 957 rounds of Japa.