17th September:

  • 3hr evening kirtan at the Krsna Balarama Mandir
  • 3hr kirtan at Mahebourg Manasi Ganga Namahatta
2) 18th September:

  • FFL and Harinama at P. Louis
  • Evening Harinama at Camp Ithier
3) 19th September:

  • 12hr kirtan at Krsna Balarama Mandir
  • Harinama at Rose Belle Market
4) 20th September:

  • 12hr kirtan at Radha Gokulananda Mandir
  • Harinama at Bon Accueil Market
  • Maha Harinama at Flacq
  • Padayatra at Ecroignard,
  • 6hr kirtan at Fond Du Sac
5) 21st September:

  • Padayatra at Dubreuil
  • Holy name katha with HH Bhakti Dhira Damodar Swami
  • Japathon at Radha Gokulananda Mandir

22nd September:

  • Padayatra at Henrietta
  • Harinama at New Grove

23rd September:

  • Padayatra at Camp de Masque Pave
  • Maha Harinama in Triolet

Mauritius Totals:
A total of 7 Harinamas held over the WHNF
A total of 30 hrs of kirtan held
A total of 4 padayatras held
A total of 1 holy name katha
A total of 1 japathon


1) Day 1 we did participated in 3 hours kirtan at Sri Sri Krishna Balram temple we also helped in contributing for the Prasadam as it was a bring and share program.
2) Day 2 we organized a house program in our roof garden named Kadamba garden. We did invited only non devotees friends and Family. Offer lamps, kirtan arati, maha feast. It inspired many people.
3) Day 3 we helped the gurukul in children program in a public place as my two children participated. It was a very wonderful experience many people were attracted to children singing distributing Prasadam books.
4) Day 4 we concentrated mostly on making videos and we did over 100 videos during the Holyname week.
5) Day 5 We had a second house program, this time we did invited neighbours and devotees. An online class was conducted by HH Bhakti Dhira damodara Swami on holy name
ecstatic kirtan by devotees and feast Prasadam
6) Day 6 we invited people in the village for padayatra that was organized for the next day, day 7 and we continued with making videos.
7) Day 7 we organized padayatra with the collaboration the padayatra team in our village ,Camp de masque Pave. Over 250 people attended the program and it was a great success. Sakhi Vrinda chanted 90 rounds on the finale for the pleasure of gurus.



1) Day 1 – 18th September at Sodnac Quatre Bornes
Duration 19hr-21hr, 150 devotees participated followed by sweet distribution and feast for all devotees, sponsored by Sodnac Namhatta, coordinated by Kaunteya Dasa and Radha Mohan Dasa.
2) Day 2 – 21st September at Ecroignard

Duration 15hr – 20hr 30hr, 250 devotees participated followed by Pandal program, sweet distribution along the road with Harinaam sankirtan. Lecture by Sanatan Dasa Padayatra Team preacher. 100 Japa mala and books distributed to new people, sponsored by Ecroignard Namhatta. Full feast for all. Coordinated by Damodar Dasa and team.
3) Day 3 – 22nd September at Dagotiere

Duration 18hr – 21hr, 200 devotees joined in Harinaam sankirtan including sweet distribution along the road, full feast at the end. Sponsored by Padayatra, Coordinated by Ayodhyanath Dasa and team.
4) Day 4 – 23rd September
Starting point Shivala Glenpark at 19hr reaching to Henrietta. Pandal program arranged and sponsored by Bapoo family. 150 devotees attended the function. Lecture by Phoenix Temple President His Grace Raghunath Dasa. Full feast to all. Coordinated by Vrishabhanu Dasa and Satrugna Dasa.
5) Day 5 – 24th September Camp De Masque Pave

Duration 17hr – 21hr, Harinaam Sankirtan, books and sweet distribution. Hall program at Camp De Masque Pave Bhagwat Centre. Lecture by Advaita Prabhu followed by big feast. Program sponsored by Camp De Masque Pave Namhatta. Coordinated by Sundarachal Dasa and team.
6) Day 6 will be on 26th September at Highlands

Sri Jagannath Mandir (North Mauritius)

1) Maha Harinaam – ISKCON Sri Jagannath Mandir organised a Maha Harinaam in the village of Plaine Des Papayes on Sept 21st. All members of the North sanga contributed to the successful achievement of this event and we are greatly thankful to the devotees of Sri Jagannath Mandir who made it possible. Special thanks to the president, HG Madan Gopal Prabhu who extended His support and to devotees preaching in Plaine Des Papayes. Attendance at the event was nearly 300.
2) Fortunate People Campaign – A group of Lok Sanga North Members volunteered enthusiastically to make this possible. We were a total of 6 who went to Mon Choisy Public Beach in the north of Mauritius on Sunday 20th Sept 2020 and convinced people to get fortunate by chanting the Holy Name. 
3) 1 hour Kirtan – We held a 1 hour kirtan at Sri Jagannath Mandir on Tuesday 22nd Sept 2020 from 6PM MUT to 7PM MUT and carried forward with Gaura Arti.



3 hours Kirtan on the 17th September 2020.

Many guests in the same vicinity were present along with local devotees and took part in chanting.

New comers inquired about the World Holy Name Festival and the children also were very cheerful.




Leading Kirtanyas for 3 hour Kirtan


1. Vaidianath Das – 20 mins
2. Duraga Mata ji Ballo – 10 mins
3. Arjuna Sakha Das – 15 Mins
4. Manjulali Devi Dasi – 15 Mins
5. Vamandev Das – 15 mins
6. Vedanta Gaur Das – 15 mins
7. Visham Ramchurn – 10 mins
8. Ramani Manohar Das – 10 mins
9. Vikash Boodhun – 10 mins / Vamandev Das – 15 mins
10. Visham Ramchurn – 15 mins
11. Vaikuntha Pati Das – 30 mins – Aarti
12. Kevin Jeeratun – 10 mins – Nrsimha Pranama