FP Campaign Pledges : 10,000 Videos


1) Japathon conducted on: 23th September 10 devotees did 64 rounds
2) Fp campaign video sent: unable to track
3) Harinam conducted :
4) Nagar Sankirtan 7 Days 15 devotees participated
5) Kirtan Mela conducted :12 hr kirtan on 19&20 September
6) Online program conducted : mega online Sankirtan with 108+ kirtan parties


1. Conducting Srimad Bhagwatam classes in morning on ‘Glories of Holy Name’ or ‘Power of Holy Name’ during WHNFW:
Yes, everyday SB Class happens on selected SB verses of holy name for 7 days
2. ‘Fortunate people campaign’ – 10,000 NEW PEOPLE chanting videos
3. 64 rounds Japathon: One day during WHNFW Chanting 64 rounds in temple for BC’s and available Congregation
4. Daily kirtan or Kirtan Mela – 12 hours sankirtan twice in week- Total 24 hours
5. Organise Harinam Sankirtan: Nagar sankirtan everyday morning 30minutes, means 3.5 hours and 2 nagar sankirtan by BC’s 2 hours, total – 5.5 hours
6. WHNF Japa Booth: We will have a stall in the evening all 7 days to induce new people to chant
7. Harinaam sankirtan Parties performing kirtan same time from different locations – 200 Sankirtan groups on any one day during WHNF Week