1) Special class on the Sunday by HG Gaurang Prabhu.
2) A Self-paced course to Introduce & Inspire a new person into the Art & Science of Mantra Meditation in the Bhakti Tradition.
3) Promote an inspiring course for Improving Japa for those who are already chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra.
4) Govardhan School of Music will be releasing some high quality professional studio recording mahamantra kirtans and we will be sharing them far and wide during the International Holy Name Festival.

5) The pandemic has taken us away from live Association of devotees But we are always blessed to take shelter of Pure devotee – Srimati Tulsi Maharani and chant our 16 rounds in her divine Association. We have made a small video and notes on the Art of Taking care of Tulsi Maharani.


6) Govardhan School of Yoga will be releasing a 30 day free course on proper Breathing Techniques to improvise our health Systems. By sparing just 10-15 minutes every day for proper breathing, the Krishna Bhaktas can calm their minds and try to chant their 16 rounds in one sitting with attention. This will be access through our YouTube.