1. On 19th Sept. there will be a evening Harinaam Kirtan by our guest devotees.
2. 20th September Seminar on Holy Name.
3. 20th September Devotees Community will Chant 64 Rounds for the welfare of everyone in this World.
4. Program on 1+1 fortunate people on volunteer basis and distribution of prizes to the volunteers who will be sending more videos.
5. Planning of their Zoom Lectures day wise from 17th to 23rd September.
6. From 17th to 23rd Sept every morning Hindi /Odia katha on Holy Names by our guest speakers.
7. Glories of Holy Name from Srimad Bhagavatam (in Odia) by HG Prataprudra Prabhu every evening 07:30PM to 08:30PM (17th -23rd Sept 2020)