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FP Campaign Pledges : 2000 Videos


1) Fortunate People Campaign Videos—3750 ( Participated Devotees for video Making–40)
2) Family Harinam Sankirtan—32 families ( all Videos Uploaded to Iskcon Beed Youtube Channel And Given tag Iskcon Harinam Sankirtan Ministry
3) Japathon Card — 120 Devotees participated (Total Rounds Chanted By All participated Devotees–21618)
4) Mahamantra Sticker—-1500
5) For Week Everyday 8 Hr Kirtan in temple.
6) Before Holy Name week we Had week for Holy Name Glorification During Bhagavatam class .
7) We had Advertisement in 6 Local papers That ” Iskcon is celebrating the World Holy Name festival.”


1) Make Fortunate people Videos: 1400 already made (Target-2500)
2) Family kirtan Videos— 10 Already made (Target-108)
3) Temple Hall Kirtan — Every Day 8 Hours ( for 7 Days)
4) Japathon Card —150 Distributed (Target-250)
5) Harinam Sticker —1000


1) Every Morning Bhagavatam Class on Holy Name.
2) Attending online Classes conducted by Kirtan Ministry.
3) 12 hours of Harinama  kirtan on Sunday.
4) Extra Hare Krishna Mahamantra rounds will be chanted by 250 devotees.
5) Fortunate people Campaign 2000 Video clips will be uploaded.