FP Campaign Pledges :


Japathon conducted with dates:17th-23rd September,2020.

FP campaign videos pledges: No pledges.
FP campaign videos sent: 31 from temple.
Harinaam conducted: 1 on 20th September.
Kirtan/ Kirtan mela/non stop Kirtans conducted: everyday we had 2 hours kirtan dedicated for WHNW 2020

Online programs conducted with details: Everyday Japa on ZOOM with all the congregation and devotees staying outside temple.
House programs: No.
No. Of Devotees who did 64 or more round: 7.


1) Every Morning Class on Holy Name.
2) Attending Evening Classes conducted by Kirtan Ministry.
3) 2 hours of kirtan in evening in the temple hall.
4) 20th Sankirtan in temple premises with all congregation and Brahmachari devotees.
5) Increasing rounds for those 7 days.
6) One 64 rounds day.
7) IYF and Congregation will be participating in Fortunate people Campaign.
8) Japathon booth in temple premises to introduce new people to Chanting.

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