FP Campaign Pledges : 1500 Videos



1) Vow of 1500 videos for  FORTUNATE PEOPLE CAMPAIGN 

Till  now  1225 videos has been uploaded.

Devotees has been taking part in making videos including temple devotess HG Shrigovind prabhuji, Hg Ranachod krishna Prabhuji, IGF with HG Jayabhadra Mataji, HG Dwarkawasini mataji, Sanjana nanawani mataji and other congregation devotess also . still Guru maharaj we are planning to make it .we are attached the devotees list who had made videos for fortunate people campaign

2) 7 days 24 hours non-stop kirtan mela by devotees .

24 hours non stop 7 days Kirtan Mela by 80 congregation families , IGF.and temple devotees , we had decided 48 slots for 30 mins .

3) 7 days Nagar sankirtan
In japathon 18 devotees had chanted 64 & more than 64 round. From 17 sept to 23 sept all devotees had chanted 34600 rounds.
5) Japa yangya competition for fortunate souls
In  Amravati there are 3 divisions according to the age group of devotees, In which we will be giving gifts and special prizes to the japa chanters by the lotus hands of HH Lokanath Swami Maharaja.
a)  For the age group till 12 years we have organised 16 rounds per day for 7 days or 112 rounds in 7 days.
b) For the age group till 13 to 20 years we have organised 32 rounds per day for 7 days or 224 rounds in 7 days.
c) For the age group above 21 years we have organised 64 rounds per day for 7 days or 448 rounds in 7 days.
In all the above three categories we will handover Srila Prabhupad Seva Award with honour, gifts and special prizes. Along with it we will be giving 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes also. The devotees who will chant the most will be awarded the following awards.
1st Srila Haridas Thakur Award 2nd Srila Rupa Goswami Award 3rd Srila Jiva Goswami Award

Our special thanks to KIRTAN MINISTRY team  for bringing such enthusiastic festival for us .



1) Bhagvatam Class – 8 am
2) 24 Hours Kirtan – for 7 days, live on Zoom and Facebook (devotees from all the centrs will participate like Dhamangaon, Akola, Morshi, Yatmal etc)
3) Nagar Sankirtan for 7 days   7 different places.
4) Japathon Chanting of extra rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra.
5) Fortunate People Campaign 1500 videos