The WORLD HOLY NAME FESTIVAL core committee held a meeting chaired by Kirtana Minister, Lokanath Swami on 22 September, 2020. The following was resolved with regard to the WHNF event to be held on 30 September:


B: Celebration will be at all levels:

The three levels of celebration are:
1. Global – Kirtan Ministry
2. National – Each continent /country
3. Local – Individual temples

1. Number of Videos, Fortunate People campaign number of videos
2. Number of rounds that each individual has chanted, temple could take note of that. Each temple’s grand total could be taken note of by the National Coordination Committee and then all nations put together their grand total and the best in each could go on the minis-try.
3. Number of kirtanas, kirtan mela which is a global connect, how many hours each temple did, how many simultaneous kirtanas indoor, outdoor, size of kirtan party, how many kirtan parties we have 108 parties, so score reporting like that.

Additional categories:
• Innovative ways in promoting
• Biggest billboard hoarding advertising of the WHNF
• interfaith conferences
• Some innovative, novel way that some temple celebrated the WHNF
• Jiva Doya (FP Ambassadors)
• Recognise volunteers

C: Fortunate People:
1. Final Date of submission is 25 September. This will facilitate the counting for the 30th.
2. FP campaign continues throughout Purushottam Month and beyond.
3. Systems and methodology will be put in place to get the final totals till cut off date

D: Reports:
• Submit or Upload reports to:
– Email :
– Facebook :
– Website:

E: Action Points:
• All the ambassadors score reach to their temple so that they could also declare their awards the best winner and the second best and the third best. And each temples grand total must reach at the national level
• Make a graphic map of your country and put different cities, areas, temples showing their scores for a quick glance.
• Need extra volunteers over the next few days to assist with the tabulations.
• Make a small video in different languages of the updated procedure on the FP app to in-clude temples
• Final results need to be ready latest by 29 September 2020.

FP Videos – Fortunate people campaign is an ongoing campaign. WHNF is a marathon. Similar to the book distribution campaign. Reporting and score submission can be made via monthly newsletter.