Donation Scheme for World Holy Name Festival

Your participation matters!

Do you want to be part of an unforgettable event in ISKCON‘s history? Srila Prabhupada arrived in America on 17 September 1965, and now the ISKCON Harinam Sankirtan Ministry is poised to present the 24th commemoration of this epic moment between 17-23 September 2020.

This festival is once again upon us. Rest assured that you will be amply rewarded for any contribution that you make. The blessings of ISKCON Founder-acarya Srila Prabhupada is with you because this was his gift to the whole world – an unsurpassable gift of the holy name. His vision was that the taste for this Holy Name must reverberate across the entire globe. Only your generous contribution will make this vision more complete.

Given the ongoing challenges of COVID-!9, there is a desperate need for the holy name to ease the virus, provide comfort for those that are afflicted and those who have lost their lives from this disease. As you may know, there is no other way.

See your contribution as an offering to this sankirtan yajna. Let us pull our resources together for this most monumental festival and make it a significantly grand affair. Srila Prabhupada would often say “think big”, and we now have an opportunity to be part of this august festival, as he would have envisaged it.

For your ease of reference we have created a sponsorship schedule from which you may select to support this most prestigious event. The funds are dedicated to the different sectors, all of these being very dear to Srila Prabhupada. How can you not endear yourself to any one of these categories that glorifies the personalities of ISKCON?

The following is a sponsor scheme which is for 7 days for each of the 5 events.

Bhagyavan Jiva Sevak (Fortunate People): 1 event (Rs. 7,000 /- or USD $100)
Bhaktivedanta Harinam Sevak: Sponsor 2 event (Rs. 14,000 /- or USD $200)
Bhaktivinoda Harinam Sevak: Sponsor 3 events (Rs. 21,000 /- or USD $300)
Namacarya Harinam Sevak: Sponsor 4 events (Rs. 28,000 /- or USD $400)
Prem Harinam Sevak: Sponsor 5 events (Rs. 35,000 /- or USD $500)

Serial Number Event Sevak Sponsorship
1 Bhagyavan Jiva Sevak  Bhagyavan Jiva Sevak Rs. 7,000 /- or  USD  $100
2 Japa Retreat Bhaktivedanta Harinam Sevak Rs. 14,000 /- or USD $200)
3 Srimad Bhagavatam Bhaktivinoda Harinam Sevak Rs. 21,000 /- or USD $300
4 Kirtana Namacarya Harinam Sevak Rs. 28,000 /- or USD $400
5 Harinama Mahatmya Prem Harinam Sevak Rs. 35,000 /- or USD $500

This flexible schedule allows you to sponsor one or more events. Kindly mention your preference if you have one. There are no restrictions – as many devotees as possible can donate toward a single event.

Seize the opportunity to support one of the most momentous happenings. Become part of the celebrations and hear the holy names resonate and engulf the entire planet in complete bliss.

Become part of this historic festival! Donate generously!

Here is how to make your donation:

Bank Name: ICICI Bank

Branch Name: Pandharpur Branch

Account Number: 019901002043

Account Holder Full Name: ISKCON PANDHARPUR

Branch Code: 006471

Branch Address: Kashishalya 4011/B, Station road, Pandharpur – 413304 Dist- Solapur, Maharashtra


MICR Code:

Reference: WHNF donation

Account Type: Savings

Instructions for donors: Please send your details like legal name, full address with Pincode and pan no if possible. Foreign Indian (NRI) should include their passport number. Type in the Reference field: WHNF Donation.


For donations from outside of India (Overseas), from non-Indian passport holders.

Instruction for donors:

ISKCON Pandharpur

Mahaharinaam Das

Mobile : 7972249799, 8698560860

Email : /

Donation Letter:



The General Secretary,
Hare Krishna Land,
Juhu, Mumbai – 400049.

Subject: Direction Letter for Foreign Contribution

Dear Sir,

I/We would like to inform you that I/We have made a contribution to your Society and are providing herewith all the necessary information for your records:

Full legal name of Donor :
Legal Status of the Donor : Individual / Company / Charity / Partnership Firm
Citizenship of Donor :
(In case of Individuals)
Country of incorporation/ Registration :
(In case of Organizations)
Registration number :
(In case of Organizations)
Full address of the Donor :
Method of Payment (bank transfer or cheque) :
Date of bank transfer or cheque :
Currency (US Dollars, Euros, UK Pounds, Indian Rupees, etc.):
Contribution Amount:
Contribution is to be used towards: The objectives of the Society
To be used at ISKCON Pandharpur for World Holy Name Festival:

We hereby declare that the above information is true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely

(Signature of Donor/Authorized Signatory) (Seal of Company/Charity/Partnership Firm)
(Only in case of Organizations)


Central FCRA Bank Account details

    Beneficiary or Account Name Intl Scty for Krishna Consciousness
    Beneficiary Address Hare Krishna Land, Juhu, Mumbai, INDIA 400049
    Bank HDFC
    Branch JVPD Scheme, Mumbai
    Account Number 03211170000018
    Account Type Savings
    IFSC Code HDFC0000321
    Branch Code for INR transfer 0321
    SWIFT CODE for Foreign Currency Transfer HDFCINBB
    Address of the branch 30, Navyug Society, Krishna Kunj, V.L.Mehta Road, Opp. Sunflower Hospital, JVPD Scheme, Mumbai-400056, Maharashtra, India


Across Chandrabhaga River

Hare Krishna Dhama

Prabhupada Ghat

Pandharpur – 413 304

Dist. Solapur (Maharashtra)