World Holy Name Week Celebration By All India Padayatra
By Acarya Dasa [All India Padayatra leader]

Our celebrations started with Bhadra pornima. After attending meeting with Guru Maharaja we all were enthused to distribute Srimad Bhagavatam sets. We set up target of 21 sets. That made us think how now we can get our target accomplished. And by Lords mercy and inspiration of Gurudev we started house programs. Every we go out and cover 3 to 4 houses with Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar’s utasava vigraha. The local devotees also join us. And we have sankirtana, class on Harinama Mahatmya and Bhagavatam mahatmya and then at the end of the session we distribute one set of Bhagavatam at each house. So in this year’s WHNW celebration along with distribution of holy nama we are also distributing Bhagavatam sets. By Gurudev’s mercy we will soon achieve our targer. Experiencing the bliss of the holy name and Lord’s presence people invite us to their house also.

Day 1
Many of us chanted before Mangal arati and then after arati we heard online class by Hg Devakinnadan Prabhu after we performed sankirtana till 2 pm. 5 pm we went for house program with Their Lordships. 150 new people joined the sankirtana then we made them all chant one round of hare krsna maha-mantra. Katha describing the glories of holy name. Also distributed 1 set of Srimad Bhagavatam. It was a nice celebration.

While reading Prabhupada Lilamrita I had a strong realization. In Calcutta there was a very virulent type of plague epidemic in 1898. So Calcutta became devastated. All people practically left Calcutta. Daily hundreds and hundreds of people were dying. So one babaji, he organized sankirtana, Hare Krishna sankirtana all over Calcutta. And in the sankirtana, all people, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Parsi, everyone joined. And they were going road to road, street to street, entering in every house. So the plague subsided. This is a fact. Everyone who knows history of Calcutta, know that the plague was subsided by sankirtana movement. I feel Gurudev has organised this WHNF and surely after this Corona will run away. So I request everyone to chant more and more and spread the holy name. We have made 1200 vedios and will make by the end of this month. 

Jai Srila Prabhupada

Padayatra and the World Holy Name Week.

The padayatra commenced on 1st of august and was plenned to continue until the 10th of august. As you know much more better then me about process of preaching centered around the Holy Name, the Krsna prasad, and Sríla Prabhupada’s books together is so powerfull and full with joy. Because of this the devoties were also very enthusiastic to do it. Every year we are eagerly waiting for the padayatra.

Now we have so much new devotees and it was very good to see, how nicely they cooperated together, how everything went so smoothly. The whole team were like a family and this was one thing what was so attractive for me in these days. We can learn how to live like a family how to go deeper in our relationships and how to serve Krsna together. There were may kind of devotees from all over the country. Devotees who just arrived for bhakta program and Devotees who practicing around 30 years ago. After 8-9 days the leadership were convinced that we should continue for a longer period so we made an extra 5 days (with Janmashtami and Sríla Prabhulada’s vyasapuja it was 7).

Our padayatries lived in a primary school, and from there we went out different places. We visited some new places also and the people everywhere were very kind with us. Everywhere we went we found people smiling and ready to accept books, prasad or just reciprocate our smile or waving. Because of the Harinama the sankirtana scores were much bigger than usual. This is also a wonderfull affect of the padayatra.

One of the days during the padayatra Krsna valley kindly sent a bullock cart (carrying our padayatra leader’s personal Gaura Nitai dieties) .

That day we’d originally plenned to finish Lord Jagannath Baladeva and Subhadra Maharani came to wisit us, also on zoom H.G. Madhavananda prabhu
gave us an amazing lecture about the pilgrimage (inside and outside) and about Purusottama ksetra.

All in all it was a very good and deep experience and I eagerly waiting for the next year’s padayatra inside and outside also.

Usually 9-10 devotees distributed books next to the Harinama. The end of the days we distributed 2836 books.

From this after 13 sankirtana days by your mercy 323 books and 6 CDs were distributed.
(Basically we distributed Btgs because of the lock down. Every 3 month we are printing our Hungarian Btgs and we should distribute them.)

Btg 296 pc
Bhagavad-gíta small 17 pc
King of Braja cd 12 pc
Science of Self Realization 3 pc
Veda book 1 pc

As you asked in your letter what you wrote to Tulasi Krsna mataji I shared the information with our leaders in Budapest and in Krsna valley also about the World Holy Name week, and about the Fortunate People Program.

Unfortunetly in our asrama the COVID19 is appeared at that time and we have to lock down the temple. I organized every day Gaura arati kirtans and one day half an hour kirtana, and on sunday 2 hours kirtana. On monday we opened the gates again and from the mercy of Rádhá Vinodhini mataji every day there were kirtana from 19 to 21 o’clock.

This was the 1st year when our Temple can take part in the World Holy Name Week in full time (-every day).

I hope from this year we can take part every year in this wonderful festival of the Holy Name.

I also attached Hari Bhakti mataji’s letter to you as you asked last time.

One last thing so long time ago I had problem with my chanting. It is too slow and not focused.

But from the padayatra it seems the tings turn to be better. Some kind of New taste arrives from the chanting. Many times I feel hapiness and deeper focus when I chant my rounds, especially thet ones what I chant at the end of the day. The time of the rounds usually still slow between 10:30 and 13 minutes. Now I try to listening lectures about the Holy Name, mostly from you Guru Maharaja. I just want to ask your blessing and guidance to be able to go deeper in my relationship with the Holy Name.